About Us

Here's a little bit about us:

Born In:

Hannah - Spain

Shawn - Toronto, Canada

How We Met:

Hannah was 14. Shawn was 11. (cradle robber ;) We met at our church youth group and were great friends until I went away to college. While I was there we started "talking" (not sure if that's even a term anymore ha ha). We started dating a few years later and got married 4 years after. We've been married 12 years this past October!!!


Yes! We joined the parent club on December 4th, 2016. We have a beautiful baby girl named Graylen Skye. She's definitely turned our world upside down in a good way. It's a brand new experience for us and we're loving it. We also have our little buddy, Otis, our 10 year old English Bulldog and formal mascot.

What Do We Do For Fun:

Hannah - I MUST travel or I get super jittery. I love reading (a little too much). I have few friends but they are the best people I could have asked to share my life with. I have a beautiful family and the coolest nieces and nephew. I love God and thank Him for how much He's blessed me.

Shawn - He loves to play guitar and drums, and record music with friends. He's a home brewer. He loves scotch that smells like straight up fireplace...He's had sideburns since he was 15 and is hard to miss. He's the most loyal and selfless person you'll ever meet but he doesn't take himself seriously at all. He's always good to lighten the mood.

How long have you been shooting:

Hannah - I've been shooting weddings since I was 20 (Good Lord over 17 yrs now).

Shawn - started shooting 12 years ago.

What is your style like:

Our style is artistic and photo journalistic. We don't like to force any situation. We're flexible and strive to capture more than just a pretty photo. We try to capture true emotions and feelings that resonate in every shoot and event we get to photograph. Our clients are real people, not models, so we photograph them as they are and not some contrived idea of what they should be. When we're given total creative freedom, we can get a little crazy and out of the box, but capturing the reality of what our clients families, friends, and lives are like in an artistic way is the most important thing we can do.

Photo Credit: Eneka Stewart Photography